Meet Nova



We are happy to share the news that on April 6th, as we celebrated our 1 year at our Ross Street location and 2 years in business, we raise $5,343. We had just over 400 people through the shop and sold 1548 macarons in one day. The money raised will go directly to Nova and her family to fund her ongoing therapy costs. Thank you for the ongoing community support that keeps our business going and allows us to continue to give back to the city we love. We are so thankful to be part of this community and be able to do what we love everyday.

you voted to support therapies for a young girl with Autism spectrum disorder

Our winner of the #givewithseed campaign is a full of life 3 (almost 4) year old. At 18 months old she was diagnosed with severe autism. With this, her family have faced many obstacles. She must be supervised 24-7 and her autism therapy costs upwards of $14,000 per year. Her father works at a nursing home and is a culinary student. Her mother is a full time stay at home mom. It is very hard for them to make ends meet, but providing their daughter with the therapy she needs means more then anything. They rent a property here in st Thomas, but have totally outgrown this house and have been saving every extra penny they have towards saving for their first home. With 3 kids, one income, and a daughter with serious special needs this is very hard for. With recent serious government cuts to the Ontario autism program, the family is left in a complete panic for their daughter’s future . Days can be very stressful on the whole family and financial support during this time would be an absolute blessing. She requires many hours of intensive care and therapies, which is currently preventing her from enrolling in kindergarten. With these therapies, she is making great improvements. The money the family pays now is the bare minimum as to what she needs, but it’s something and all they can manage. She is loving, happy, full of life and energy, and has so much potential.