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Meet the New Pack in Town


Our new pack has just arrived. 

Meet Genevieve

Meet Genevieve

Chocolatier and Owner of Seed Confections. She has a passion for chocolate and is all about thinking outside the box to create one of a kind confections. Want to know more about her? Head over to Meet Your Maker with the link below. 


Meet Seed

Science, art, and flavour. Three passions that come together to create incredible chocolates and confections. We strive to create innovative and unique items that can't be found anywhere else. Creativity thrives when imagination has no limits.


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Check our new In Store section. Updated every week to let you know what's in our shop that coming Saturday. Items, flavours, prices... it's all there.  

Be sure to check it often as we change our products constantly. See what's available and contact us to pre-order items for pick-up. 


Balancing science, art, and flavour to create innovative, Quality chocolates  


Creativity thrives when imagination has no limits