Gen in New Zealand

meet the maker

Meet Genevieve Scarfone, Chocolatier and Owner of Seed Confections. 

Gen's love of all things pastry began in her teens. It was at that point she enrolled in the Culinary Management program at Niagara College, in St.Catherine's Ontario. Upon completion, Gen moved to Muskoka, Ontario, to work 3 summer seasons at a luxury golf course resort and spent winter seasons in Banff, Alberta, as a baker and spending all her time out of the kitchen on the ski hill.  

In 2009 she moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where she began her career as a Chocolatier. After years working and learning the nuances of chocolate production, she took the role of sous chef at Beta5 Chocolates in Vancouver. It was there that she really developed a passion for her work. Realizing the importance of knowledge, technique, and creativity, she strived to learn everything she could. Working as a team, Beta5 went on to win multiple Canadian and International Chocolate Awards during her 3 years there. 

In 2015, she moved back to Ontario and settled back into her hometown of St.Thomas. Before starting Seed Confections, she spent months traveling the world solo, visiting Indonesia, Australia, and New Zealand. It was on this trip she created the concept of Seed Confections. Although, with no plans of starting the company soon, she found herself unexpectedly staying close to home for family. It was then that Seed Confections turned from a distant dream into a reality. Gen is excited to create new and innovative chocolate items that can come only when there is no limit on creativity. 

When she is not in the kitchen, she loves being on the water. Boats, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, swimming, lakes, oceans, you name it. She is a skier and enjoys yoga and kickboxing. Cooking is still a favourite pastime and she would spend all her time with dogs if she could, especially her French Bulldog Peter.