Floral Chocolates

Seed - the beginning of growth

Seed of a cocoa pod - the cocoa bean

Seeding - a method of tempering chocolate




Welcome to Seed Confections.

A small batch, hand crafted, artisan chocolate and confection company. When science, art, and flavour are in perfect balance it can create amazing and innovative chocolates or confections. 

Chocolate is a science. Temperatures, fat contents, moisture levels, and proper technique. When combined correctly, it can create a smooth ganache, a crisp snap, or a beautiful shine. 

Art is everywhere. From a colour choice, to a pattern, to custom designs. We strive to make every detail have intention.

 Flavour can be an experience. A reminder of a memory, a combination evoking emotion, or an introduction to something completely new. 

Specializing in custom items, we love turning wild ideas into edible masterpieces. No concepts are too extreme to attempt. 

Passionate about creating interesting and unique products, Seed Confections strives to deliver chocolates and confections you won't find anywhere else.